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These are Microsoft Word documents that I wrote up to help me learn CBI’s methods of rigging and operating their fleet of sailboats. If you are a CBI member, you may find them useful. Not everything in these documents may be accurate; please feel free to suggest corrections and edits that should be made.

  • mercury.doc : rigging, naming of parts, and other methods for CBI’s representative sailboat, the Cape Cod Mercury updated 13 July 2004
  • gybe.doc : proper gybe technique, using two hands (as opposed to using one’s legs to help), illustrated updated 01 August 2004
  • approach.doc : 5 different ways to approach the ‘man’ in the ‘man overboard’ drill (a test for the Jib rating) updated 01 August 2004
  • 420.doc : rigging and handling of 420s updated 07 August 2004
  • rhodes.doc : rigging and handling of Rhodes 19s updated 01 August 2004
  • sonar.doc : rigging and handling of Sonars (23") updated 01 August 2004
  • spinnaker.doc : rigging and handling of a spinnaker, particularly for a Cape Cod Mercury updated 13 July 2004
  • ht_crew.doc : rigging and other methods for the Harbor Trip crew
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