Musings and Rants:
A Rant
Third in a series

Be hypercritical of any information you receive via the Internet. Use Snopes.Com to help you evaluate.

Please remember: almost every unsolicited email you receive is either FRAUD or SPAM, so don't spread this information to others. While I have friends who mean well, occasionally they will receive bogus emails that they forward to me. Others may read bogus emails and then, without sufficient circumspection, tell me about them verbally.

This has happened to me several times in the last 5 years.

There is a solution to this. Consult valid websites that debunk urban legends such as these. I cannot recommend more highly this website: Snopes.Com.

So if you find yourself reading unedited and unreviewed "information" from the Internet, whether by email or from a "news article," evaluate the information before sending it on. Thanks.

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