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Saframetrics: Football Statistics and Research

One day, it is my hope to help found an organization for football similar to SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. This organization ideally would be called SAFR, the Society for American Football Research.

The field of sophisticated, often quantitative baseball research is termed sabermetrics, playing off of the acronym SABR, which people pronounce “say-ber”. Some people have suggested that similar endeavors for football thus might be analogously termed safermetrics. However, that neologism would probably be misunderstood as something that would improve safety. Additionally, if one were to look at the acronym SAFR, one would likely not pronounce it as ”say-fer“ but as “sah-fer”.

Thus, I propose that we call this nascent field, “saframetrics”. “Safrimetrics” was also considered, but its pronunciation is awkward-- just try saying it. “Saframetrics”, on the other hand, has a satisfying firmness.

To support this idea, I have registered the domain names and (, another appropriate domain name, has unfortunately already been taken). provides links to work that might be presented in a Society for American Football Research meeting, if the organization existed.

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