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David Hanauer

I met Dave in medical informatics classes I took at M.I.T. He took one look at my web pages, which, at the time, contained almost no content and hadn’t been updated for four years and decreed that they required some "freshness."

Chastened and inspired to improve, I stole the entire design of my home page from his. I sure hope that Dave is flattered by my sincere attempt at imitation.

Dan Gunter

I’ve been a friend of Dan’s since the sixth grade, when he promptly served notice that I would no longer be the kid at the top of the class. Dan is the one person who I can say this about without reservation: in an academic context, there is nothing he could not do well. So the question is: what does one do if one can do everything well? Currently, the answer is work as a programmer.

Dan and his wife Miho were supposed to have a child, to be delivered around June 2003, and they have my brother Greg’s and my best wishes.

Other friends?

Sadly, I have few friends who have time to waste putting up personal webpages. (Actually, I would guess most of them have never tried it, and I would bet that even more have no interest in trying to do it.)

Nevertheless, any of my friends who want to bump up their Google rankings would do well to contact me and have me link to their pages.

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